The Vagabond Manifesto

Ian Rogers Great Adventure! Best of luck!

Victorious Vagabond

Starting May 22nd, this website will begin to live up to its namesake.

From Phoenix, Arizona to New York City, I will be walking the roughly 3,000 miles between these two cities, writing about all of my travels so that you can share the adventure with me. No airplanes, cars, or trains – just two legs and a pair of shoes, the way our forefathers saw the world.

The reason for this adventure, is to use the momentum to launch this website into a full-fledged source for travel writings and stories. A place where anybody in the world can read about exciting adventures, and experience the history of the world in a way never presented before: a hike along the Normandy D-Day beaches; tracing the route of Marco Polo from Italy to China; marching from Sparta to Thermopylae; hiking across the Alps to tell the story of Hannibal – the possibilities are…

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Moonshine And Molasses: Black Rockabilly

Great blog and blog post by Thom Hickey! I’m always happy to find posts about Big Al Downing and my dad’s band from the 1950’s, Bobby Poe and The Poe Kats!

The Immortal Jukebox

‘Sometimes, just sometimes, a one-hit wonder can make a more powerful impact than a recording star who’s got 20 or 30 hits.’ (Bob Dylan 2015 MusiCares speech’)

Rockabilly might be described as the deliriously exciting sound of a supercharged truck with no lights on hauling moonshine through the hills and hollers to outrun the dreaded excise men. Rockabilly is not a reflective music – its a full pelt, foot to the floor and damn the tyres assault on the senses. A shot of over proof booze that might well take the top of your head off and leave you stone blind but once you’ve opened that unlabelled bottle you are likely to develop the taste and keep coming back for more.

Rockabilly owes a lot to hillbilly boogie and something to the blues and rhythm and blues. It certainly was an essential ingredient of what at Sun Studios, with a…

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